Call The Tune -9/6/15

The organs of war wheeze back into tune
Playing their marching songs
The chairs arranged
Like those before
Take your seats
Let’s have a war
We reserve the right to make a wrong.

Machinations in all nations
Launch the trolls, plug the holes
Make your best case
For the worst case scenario

The vandals took the handles
Off the war machines
Now they run regardless
Amid the silent screams

Production of destruction
Automated desolation
They call it genocide
We call it foreign relations

We lost a generation
Doing this before
And now the toys
And all the boys
Are bigger than before

Twenty-four hours of life and death
Twenty-four hours a day
Click click boom
And the war drones on
Another dollar, another day

Ethnic cleansing on-demand
Livestreams of death and blood and gore
Watch the victims final stand
While you’re scorekeeping on the war
Heads, Team Red
Tails, Team Blue
But bottom line, Team Green wins

Why we fight we no longer know
But every landed killing blow
Leaves us weaker than before
Gun salutes forevermore

Squeeze the blood orange it flows
When it stops nobody knows
But those who snare a seat at the table
When the hour comes will they be abl
We can’t stop the music… we can only call the tune.


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