Winner Take All – 11/24/15

We are the we-the-people
To us is laid the burden
To carry it is really why
All those people had to die

From ancient slave states, words of stone
Angry lords and angrier knights
And then our sea-change on, our side of the sea
From the west we shone a light

A novel idea, this star alone
Taking its power from the past
For all who took the dare
To find another “there”
Illuminating the path

Now the star is on a dimmer
Shining on a well-worn stage
Fired up, shown on parade
Rarely in this day and age

It’s winner take all
And too many are losers
The stakes have changed
Someone’s rigged the game

Some who fight a new world order
Would rather no order at all
It suits their aim
To stake their claim
And now it’s winner-take-all

When we act in the name of our wounded pride
We take a glance at genocide
The institution finds solutions in the hills and the dales

Cheap and easy, like nothing ever
Let the other guy pull the lever
Let it go is just a song of loss
Let it go right to the boss
Let the burden slip away

The third time isn’t always charmed
A thousand fingers crossed
Praying to the boss
To make it all OK

Winner take all


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