Reality – 05/14/2016

Reality – 05/14/2016

Reality shows are neither
The media deceiver
Makes mythology
That free is free for free

To sell the soap
Gotta push the opera
Red versus blue
And this guy’s a doctor

But he’s a doctor of divinity
No more real world than you and me
But he plays the role, and you pay the toll
When the bombs go off again

#Jesuis here, #jesuis there
Make them watch, make them care
Text to me to cure the cancer
Slactivism ain’t the answer

Elect a man by TV ratings
A million Chinese TVs, can’t be wrong
Ratings and polls are taking control
Break the ballots, play the victory song

Build the wall – to hide behind
Ozymandias for POTUS
Give ’em the bomb, that will fix it all
And the others are on notice

Reality shows
Are neither
Reality shows
Are neither
Reality shows
Are neither