Bad For Business – 1/20/2014

Everybody cheered when the walls came down
And we could see the other side
Both sides saw the common ground
And evil had no place to hide

But the only thing we had in common
Was that both of us had all forgotten
It’s all about the status quo
It’s good for business, don’t you know

Remember the end of ‘eighty-nine
It felt just like a rising tide
All the Johnnies marching home
All the prophecies denied

Peace at hand, worth two in the pot
Isn’t that for what we fought
Each living in fear of the other
Justified to hate our brother

But it’s hard to sell a horror story
Hard to sell the gore and glory
When there’s no bad man over there
It’s bad for business, don’t you care

The tree of martyrs must be watered
With blood no matter bought or bartered
We need heroes, they need villains
So gird your loins and kill your children

That brief moment of winter’s night
We’d seen the end of years of fright
We thought we had a chance for peace
But the destruction line cannot cease

…it’s bad for business.


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