One Second Back, 09/02/2013

A stitch in time
The clock unwinds
It spends itself
Without remorse

But here we are
Gone on so far
Secondhand lives
With no recourse

Fumbling, we’ve spent our days
Stumbling through this maze
Of falsehood and deceit
The illusion is complete

In a flash, immeasurable
I said these words, incredible
To take the toll, to see the pain
To see our lives forever changed

One second back
I saw the end begin to start
One second back
I hadn’t said the words that broke your heart
It’s over now
It’s time our paths begin to part
But I want that
One second back

Is this shock
Or sweet relief
To see the tolling
Of the hour

But in my soul
Not bittersweet
The pain I gave
It seems so sour

Funny how it feels
Like time has stopped cold dead
But I know time goes on
Even after what I said
So even though I lack
I want to heal the pain
I want one second back


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