Spinning Wheels, 5/26/2013

Keep that motor running
Love those spinning wheels
Taking me to what I need to be
The where is not the answer
And we’ll never know the why
Just get me out under the open sky

Find yourself in getting lost
If you don’t want to pay the cost
No one can explain the way it feels
And even if we could
You wouldn’t understand
What it means to ride the spinning wheels

I intend to die from living
All that I fear is regret
Turn the crutches into torches
To light the way ahead
Time enough for sleeping when I’m dead

Once bitten
Ride high
To feel, to be alive
Rock n’ roll and roll until we die
(end chorus)

Push it over, trust in friction
No gravity, a benediction
Set a course and ride the line
To another place, in other time

Spin the wheel, see where you land
For those who know, you understand
There’s more to life than what has been revealed
That’s what it means to ride the spinning wheels