The Living End – 12/31/2012

No one left before me
No one to follow me on
Freedom is the surest bond
Unfettered, left alone

Universal feelings
In a spiral descending
In a world everending
All we have is all we have

I am the living end
I am the final cut
I am who remembers why
I am who remembers what

I can’t even bear
The end of the line
So the story goes
I am the end of time
(end chorus)

Times, places and faces
Feeling separated
Feeling negated
Feeling frustrated
What am I being here?

In the end it’s all the end
Entropy a friction brake
The love you give, the love you take
Love knows not fear or hate
Love knows not death or end

(repeat chorus and end)


One thought on “The Living End – 12/31/2012

  1. I love it. So touching and meaningful. I miss you uncle. You have always been my surrogate father in one way or the other and I will never leave you.

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