Just another light year
Still waiting for the big bang
The flashes get smaller and further away
But still I seem to hope and pray

A cold and gray November brings
Nothing but the winter in its wake
It takes the eye with cold abandon
Revealing nothing of the spring

Still, we carry on
Building our sorry forts against
The slings and arrows
The thousand natural shocks
Still, we tend to our henges
Looking to the angle of the sun
Still, we seek the sign that spring will come

Insidious optimist, hideous pessimist
Which one will win out and conquer the rest of us
Silliness torrents us, solemnly testing us
Bifurcation, halving the best of us

The pocket magicians invent their new wonders
To both attract and repel one another
Windows embedded that sometimes reveal
Exactly the view that we wish to conceal

Dual screen displays, in millions of colors
To make us feel this way or that
Focused by groups, intended to dupe
And make us feel useless and fat

So here I rest


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