End of the Day

Apparently I rewrote this extensively back in 2010 and forgot I had done it! Nice…  Anyway, here’s the new version, now with more wordplay..

I drift from scene to scene

Was there something that I missed?

A stitch in time
A change of mind
To redefine the life I’m living

How strange it seems
To wake from dreams
And feel so very

A man
And everybody knows

To fill
The gaps
Just stuff me full of maps

That lead me where
Nobody cares
About the man who’s standing there

My voice is still
But still it drives
Me to a whole new understanding

The lion never wants
To go back in the cage
The actor never wants
To leave the stage
They say that power corrupts but when you take it away
Cold darkness falls at the end of the day

The ways
And means
To build another dream

Are all
Because you’re not preferred

So shed a tear
And raise your beer
In mock salute to what’s behind you

Then raise your voice
In battle cry
And mock the very

Things in motion tend
To never want the ride to end
Careless of the destination
Motion its own explanation
Feeling like I’ve jumped the track
Beyond the point of turning back
And now inertia is the force
Keeps me on this unguided course

(chorus and outro)


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