Chinese Tea

Every day they find
A new way to sell the lie
They pit each man against
Those whom among he lives

Give one man a nickel
Tell the other it’s a dime
Just the crumbs from their table
It’s all by design

Dance for their amusement
As they wave the bloody shirt
Sell off your father’s freedoms
And you give until it hurts

That teabag came from China
And so did your flag
The only things still Made in USA
Are plutocrats and paper bags
(end chorus)

They control the picture
They control the sound
The views expressed are
Pre-digested by the pound

Satellites carpet-bombing
A nation under siege
They say believe in Jesus
Or better yet believe in me

Don’t worship that bronze idol
Here I’ve got one made of gold
You can get one of your very own
Where tinfoil hats are sold

It wards off miscegenation
And it repels tigers, too
It’s signed by Rupert Murdoch
And it keeps away the blues

(end chorus)

They lead you into temptation
Then they lock you up in jail
Corruption breeds seduction
And the odds say that you’ll fail


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