Message In A Bottle

Welcome to all of you who are probably reading this much later in the future, since no one currently knows that this blog exists.

This is written at a point in time when the future is very uncertain and hope is dim.

The body politic seems to be divided between those burning with religious fervor, anxious to see their “Real American” vision made real, and those whose disgust and cynicism at the failure of the Obama administration they supported are palpable.  The financial structure that is the underpinning of society worldwide is under assault from within and without.  The endless war drags on, and America’s most precious resource is wasted at the hands of tribal savages in a lunar landscape.

The fact that we have spent serious time discussing the Presidential candidacy of a man like Donald Trump should put things into perspective.

Tomorrow will be my 45th birthday.  In these years I have witnessed amazing things:

Men on the moon amid the denial of evolution,

Political revolutions amid laissez-faire corruption,

Dramatic social changes amid terrible oppression,

Miracles of medicine amid horrible, preventable plagues,

Amazing scientific discoveries amid fundamentalist recalcitrance,

Reunification of peoples once separated amid terrible genocides and ethnic cleansing,

And the turn of the millenium to boot.

There is a sense of fin de siecle; that things are indeed falling apart, and the center cannot hold.  It is, however, perhaps a pinpoint of hope that this poem was written in 1919, almost a century ago, in the aftermath of the world’s greatest bloodletting to that point.

We’ve accomplished so much since that dark hour, but we are still in the midst of a world that is simultaneously destitute and overfed, oppressed and oblivious.  The gaping void between have and have-not and the active regression of the middle class are the expression of the desire of the moneyed elite.  Those who want to keep their primacy have found “useful idiots”, to steal Lenin’s phrase, in those who have lost ground in this new economy of paper-pushers and consultants.

Those who once were comfortably middle-class now find themselves losing jobs to overseas labor which was bought cheaply by the moneyed elite.  Next, they are driven to bankruptcy because of the debt they incurred for things they were told they needed to have to be just like the rest of the middle class. Now their future is held in thrall as their retirement savings were wiped out

So the middle class tried to play the game of millionaires and got taken to the cleaners.  On the other hand, the losses of the moneyed elite are reimbursed by tax revenue drawn from the middle class and the massive sale of Treasury notes, which further benefits those with the capital to take advantage.  The resulting devaluation of the dollar is exploited further, as these problems are blamed on “Marxist-Leninist Obama Socialism”, or some other nonsense phrase.  The simpler the lie, the easier it is to sell.  When you have entire media organizations that serve as your house organ, and legions of fellow travelers that help add flesh to the skeleton of lies, you can make people commit social suicide.

Malleable, transient “information” still has more visceral power than fact.  These factoids, relative to the pole about which you dance, pre-processed for your ease of digestion, are the seeds of America’s destruction.  Despite the fact that we have unprecedented access to the world’s knowledge, people communicate in echo chambers.  Like ships in a bottle, the illusion of unlimited freedom is belied by the container in which we choose to enclose ourselves.


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