Everyday Charades – 4/20/20

Making believe
That we can be the same
Accept your simulation life
Come and play a game


The eye all that’s beholden
As we pull the laces tight
The soul torn by repulsion
And what went wrong and right

But we go on, from day to next
To justify this lie we’ve led
We look for an embrace but not
Enough to choke the other dead

The windows to the soul are open
But the rest on quarantine
Behind a piece of fancy paper
That never says just what it means

We can’t step into that river
For the river’s gone downstream
We see the fear
In each other’s eyes
But we don’t know where it leads

Trying to stop the torrent
Trying to boil the sea
Trying just to understand
What it now means to be

Pioneers – 3/16/20

A prize beyond value
Given without charge
Bound only by the duty
To ward it from harm

But then we became me
And gold shone like the sun
The reflection blinding
The bonds unwinding
We lost where we belong

We dreamed of worlds
We could make our home
But now we see
That finally
They’re better left alone

The fires are ever burning now
And the lights are going out
And when we look for answers
The answers lead to doubt

Some so lost as to defy
The very nature of our prize
Creating music of the spheres
Amplified by ignorance and fear

Where are the pioneers
Who reached the third dimension
Have we forgotten what they showed
Did we not pay attention

Our new frontier
Is six inches from our eyes
We can’t focus any further out
For fear we’ll see the lies

So while we sacrifice
Our now-benighted paradise
We’ve drawn inward in self-regard
Because the truth is just too hard

We cannot retrace
Our way back to that place
We would have to lift our heads
And who could bear the shame?

VP-End – 3/15/20

A world that seemed so small
Getting smaller by the day
All I see is windows
That look the other way

We take away what makes us human
Just to stay alive
To live a bleak existence
Merely to survive

The monkeys have grown restless
Since the tourists went away
Now they’re having gang fights
On Youtube every day

All these empty spaces
And everything between
Are filled with dread anxiety
Like living a bad dream

This too shall pass, they tell me
But already much is lost
A millenium of feeding wolves
And who will pay the cost

And like galaxies expanding
We all are torn apart
We need to join, to socialize
But we can’t even start

Feeling virtual, living private
But the network’s come unglued
I’m deafened by the silence
And the angry attitudes
Is it really coming true?

Love Is More – 03/14/20

It’s more than just a flash of wonder
More than just a clap of thunder
There’s a comfort and a grace
In the shelter of embrace

It’s easy to fall in love
When you don’t know just what love means
Some people never learn
Others get to live their dreams

Love is more
It’s a complicated situation
Love is more
When you know it’s not infatuation
Love is more
It’s trust and it’s communication
Love is more than two

When kisses become days
And days become years
And you finish each other’s sentences
And dry each other’s tears
It’s a strange form of recompense
That takes away the fear

And then you let go of the future
And then you hold on to the now
Because it’s the only thing that matters
Not when or where or how
We’ll figure it out as we go along
It will all work out somehow

Love is more
It’s the crazy thing that keeps you sane
Love is more
It’s the balm that soothes the deepest pain
Love is more
It’s something that I can’t explain
Love is more than two

Downhill, 8/10/19

A constellation of heroes above our heads
But we don’t look up anymore
We look down on our brothers and down at our phones
A gift to the rich from the poor

The network’s hum, it’s growing shriller
Every day, another killer
Keep me safe or keep me sated
Not what we anticipated

This time, there’s one in the pipe
This time, they have cheapened life
Squeeze the gun and make a fist
No talk, no time, no “don’t resist”

The phone gives you the scorecard
The news gives you the chills
Whenever blood is spilled
It always flows downhill
(end chorus)

A generation in storage
At Syrinx.com
You know, that’s not really a cloud

And what’s there’s is yours
So that you don’t get bored
‘Cause you might start thinking out loud

Our nerves on edge, like in the funny PDF
Said the plan was going better by the day
Burrowing like Minecraft, fishing in a barrel
The barriers fall outward, pushed away
(end bridge)

(guitar solo)

The final attacks
In the house of wax
All the humans melt away
But the wax men retain their finest form
For the GDP they’ve paid

(half-length bridge)

No god knows where this ends
No god knows even where it goes
Control is fading versus chaos
And they really have to know
They are fighting over ashes
And the whirlwind to control

(repeat chorus 2X and fade)



I hold you like
A shelter from the storm
You keep me safe and warm
But is my grip too tight?

I draw my life from you
Careless of the balance
You yield to my talents
As you fade from my sight

The song no longer a duet
My solo, your regret
I hear you weep
From somewhere deep
And the band played on

Teach me to reach you
Breach me to feel you
Teach me to heal you
And bring you back
To my song

Show me the right
Turn me to the light
Return to my sight
And sing with me again

Call The Tune -9/6/15

The organs of war wheeze back into tune
Playing their marching songs
The chairs arranged
Like those before
Take your seats
Let’s have a war
We reserve the right to make a wrong.

Machinations in all nations
Launch the trolls, plug the holes
Make your best case
For the worst case scenario

The vandals took the handles
Off the war machines
Now they run regardless
Amid the silent screams

Production of destruction
Automated desolation
They call it genocide
We call it foreign relations

We lost a generation
Doing this before
And now the toys
And all the boys
Are bigger than before

Twenty-four hours of life and death
Twenty-four hours a day
Click click boom
And the war drones on
Another dollar, another day

Ethnic cleansing on-demand
Livestreams of death and blood and gore
Watch the victims final stand
While you’re scorekeeping on the war
Heads, Team Red
Tails, Team Blue
But bottom line, Team Green wins

Why we fight we no longer know
But every landed killing blow
Leaves us weaker than before
Gun salutes forevermore

Squeeze the blood orange it flows
When it stops nobody knows
But those who snare a seat at the table
When the hour comes will they be abl
We can’t stop the music… we can only call the tune.

Winner Take All – 11/24/15

We are the we-the-people
To us is laid the burden
To carry it is really why
All those people had to die

From ancient slave states, words of stone
Angry lords and angrier knights
And then our sea-change on, our side of the sea
From the west we shone a light

A novel idea, this star alone
Taking its power from the past
For all who took the dare
To find another “there”
Illuminating the path

Now the star is on a dimmer
Shining on a well-worn stage
Fired up, shown on parade
Rarely in this day and age

It’s winner take all
And too many are losers
The stakes have changed
Someone’s rigged the game

Some who fight a new world order
Would rather no order at all
It suits their aim
To stake their claim
And now it’s winner-take-all

When we act in the name of our wounded pride
We take a glance at genocide
The institution finds solutions in the hills and the dales

Cheap and easy, like nothing ever
Let the other guy pull the lever
Let it go is just a song of loss
Let it go right to the boss
Let the burden slip away

The third time isn’t always charmed
A thousand fingers crossed
Praying to the boss
To make it all OK

Winner take all

Reality – 05/14/2016

Reality – 05/14/2016

Reality shows are neither
The media deceiver
Makes mythology
That free is free for free

To sell the soap
Gotta push the opera
Red versus blue
And this guy’s a doctor

But he’s a doctor of divinity
No more real world than you and me
But he plays the role, and you pay the toll
When the bombs go off again

#Jesuis here, #jesuis there
Make them watch, make them care
Text to me to cure the cancer
Slactivism ain’t the answer

Elect a man by TV ratings
A million Chinese TVs, can’t be wrong
Ratings and polls are taking control
Break the ballots, play the victory song

Build the wall – to hide behind
Ozymandias for POTUS
Give ’em the bomb, that will fix it all
And the others are on notice

Reality shows
Are neither
Reality shows
Are neither
Reality shows
Are neither

Phunk – 2015

Was it all for fashion
Was it all for fun
Armageddon on parade
You thought you were the one

Fight the power, fight the past
The future yours to take
Now you’re fat and old
And you’ve made the same mistakes

Principles crumple
And turn to ash
Like autumn leaves
That face the fire

Anger is a gift
From the reptile mind
To keep us awake
To keep us alive

Now you’ve lost the anger
Now you’re anesthetized
Open up your gullet
And swallow all your pride

As long you can super-size
You’re happy to consume the lies
Just keep me safe and keep me warm
And give me shelter from the storm

And let me sleep