I hold you like
A shelter from the storm
You keep me safe and warm
But is my grip too tight?

I draw my life from you
Careless of the balance
You yield to my talents
As you fade from my sight

The song no longer a duet
My solo, your regret
I hear you weep
From somewhere deep
And the band played on

Teach me to reach you
Breach me to feel you
Teach me to heal you
And bring you back
To my song

Show me the right
Turn me to the light
Return to my sight
And sing with me again


Call The Tune -9/6/15

The organs of war wheeze back into tune
Playing their marching songs
The chairs arranged
Like those before
Take your seats
Let’s have a war
We reserve the right to make a wrong.

Machinations in all nations
Launch the trolls, plug the holes
Make your best case
For the worst case scenario

The vandals took the handles
Off the war machines
Now they run regardless
Amid the silent screams

Production of destruction
Automated desolation
They call it genocide
We call it foreign relations

We lost a generation
Doing this before
And now the toys
And all the boys
Are bigger than before

Twenty-four hours of life and death
Twenty-four hours a day
Click click boom
And the war drones on
Another dollar, another day

Ethnic cleansing on-demand
Livestreams of death and blood and gore
Watch the victims final stand
While you’re scorekeeping on the war
Heads, Team Red
Tails, Team Blue
But bottom line, Team Green wins

Why we fight we no longer know
But every landed killing blow
Leaves us weaker than before
Gun salutes forevermore

Squeeze the blood orange it flows
When it stops nobody knows
But those who snare a seat at the table
When the hour comes will they be abl
We can’t stop the music… we can only call the tune.

Winner Take All – 11/24/15

We are the we-the-people
To us is laid the burden
To carry it is really why
All those people had to die

From ancient slave states, words of stone
Angry lords and angrier knights
And then our sea-change on, our side of the sea
From the west we shone a light

A novel idea, this star alone
Taking its power from the past
For all who took the dare
To find another “there”
Illuminating the path

Now the star is on a dimmer
Shining on a well-worn stage
Fired up, shown on parade
Rarely in this day and age

It’s winner take all
And too many are losers
The stakes have changed
Someone’s rigged the game

Some who fight a new world order
Would rather no order at all
It suits their aim
To stake their claim
And now it’s winner-take-all

When we act in the name of our wounded pride
We take a glance at genocide
The institution finds solutions in the hills and the dales

Cheap and easy, like nothing ever
Let the other guy pull the lever
Let it go is just a song of loss
Let it go right to the boss
Let the burden slip away

The third time isn’t always charmed
A thousand fingers crossed
Praying to the boss
To make it all OK

Winner take all

Reality – 05/14/2016

Reality – 05/14/2016

Reality shows are neither
The media deceiver
Makes mythology
That free is free for free

To sell the soap
Gotta push the opera
Red versus blue
And this guy’s a doctor

But he’s a doctor of divinity
No more real world than you and me
But he plays the role, and you pay the toll
When the bombs go off again

#Jesuis here, #jesuis there
Make them watch, make them care
Text to me to cure the cancer
Slactivism ain’t the answer

Elect a man by TV ratings
A million Chinese TVs, can’t be wrong
Ratings and polls are taking control
Break the ballots, play the victory song

Build the wall – to hide behind
Ozymandias for POTUS
Give ’em the bomb, that will fix it all
And the others are on notice

Reality shows
Are neither
Reality shows
Are neither
Reality shows
Are neither

Phunk – 2015

Was it all for fashion
Was it all for fun
Armageddon on parade
You thought you were the one

Fight the power, fight the past
The future yours to take
Now you’re fat and old
And you’ve made the same mistakes

Principles crumple
And turn to ash
Like autumn leaves
That face the fire

Anger is a gift
From the reptile mind
To keep us awake
To keep us alive

Now you’ve lost the anger
Now you’re anesthetized
Open up your gullet
And swallow all your pride

As long you can super-size
You’re happy to consume the lies
Just keep me safe and keep me warm
And give me shelter from the storm

And let me sleep

Boomer – 4/5/15

You were the ones
That were gonna make it right
The time had come
For you to change the world

Rewrite the rules
To make them closer to the heart
Reforge the tools
And hand them out to all

But first they gave you Jesus
And then they gave you hell
You let them deceive you
And the world as well
It’s all just a charade now
But you could never tell

No matter who won the war
The bad guys run the show now
A worldwide corporatocracy
And yeah, that’s a real word

Feed you fear like Soylent Green
It’s keeping you both alive now

The satellite beams
The internet streams
Feed it with memes
And prefab astroturf

The ones of means
Control the scene
They decide
Just what your life is worth
(end chorus into solo)


No more blue sky
No more blue sea
The blue that I ever see
Is in the pills in the ads on the TV


The satellite beams
The internet streams
The ones of means
Control the scene
The rules they changed
Are pre-deranged
You lost our way
(riff into outro solo and big ending)

Scars And Stripes – 4/9/15

So in what apparently is becoming my “Generations” theme, here’s what I came up with tonight. This one is about the WWII generation and what post-war America is like in my eyes, and why it sucks.

In a way, the lyric is really universal though. It’s about any place or time where ordinary people gave everything to a noble cause, and what happens when the people who enjoy the benefit of their sacrifice lose sight of what was – and is – required to preserve it, leaving the worst kind of humanity to loot the spoils.

I also kinda had half-an-eye thinking about the union movement and what’s happened to that in the face of globalized multi-national capitalism, where corporations are now more powerful than continents and are writing trade agreements that will pretty much give them global hegemony (check out the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it’s a ugly thing). But anyways…

Scars and Stripes – 04/09/15

We made it all so easy
Just float on down the stream
No need to concern yourself
America-in-a dream

We take your money and sometimes we even
Put it to good use
But more and more
What’s in store
Is a cycle of abuse

Whoops there goes your security
It’s the market so they say
But it ain’t funny, they stole our money
And then they walked away
So now you’re working at 75
Just to pay the bills
But don’t you ever think to blame
The folks up on the hill

The game is rigged
Because we let it
The freedom they fought for
We learned how to forget it
Time to take it back
If we don’t we’ll regret it

All the blood and pain
That consecrated plain
If nothing else remains
Don’t let them down
(end chorus into solo)


The forces that opposed them
Used every opportunity
Every weapon in possession
To infiltrate their unity
But they left what was important
To them and their posterity
To us is given
A way of living
That we should be guarding

Instead we use what we call freedom
To bicker and inflame
Some who see the treason
Feel a kind of pain
Perversion of all reason
Without an ounce of shame

We lost a generation
For what they thought was freedom
A word just big enough
To fill a 6-foot hole
Will we cover up our battle scars
And make up phony reasons

All the death and shame
The things that lies won’t change
When nothing else remains
Don’t let them down
(end chorus – outro solo – slow, kinda sad ending)